Armbands for Promotional Merchandise

Blog Posted by dean on 15 Oct. 2014

Armbands for Promotional Merchandise

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Armbands have only been possible for us to make in smaller quantities since we purchased our new print equipment.

We make the Armbands from the luxury photo fabric that we use all the time for photo cushions and as such the quality and feel of the Armbands have a mock suede feel to them, with no compromise on the price you pay.

If designed properly (RGB format) then the print quality is exceptional and we can even print the Armbands using photography images if needed.

Armbands can be used as promotional merchandise at all kind of events whether this is a major sporting occasion, a childrens school competition or even for funerals and other events where an armband may be needed.

Designed to your own requirements, each Armband can feature a full colour all-over design or have a simple block pantone matched colour to the background.

All Armbands are made to order in the UK so we remain flexible on the size and shape you need for your Armbands and even the smallest (or of course largest) quantity can be catered for.

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