Happy New Year from wheatybags.co.uk

Blog Posted by miker on 13 Jan. 2012

Happy New Year from wheatybags.co.uk

Happy New Year and I hope you have all had a fine start to 2012. It appears the frosty weather has decided to follow us through from last year though so make sure to keep the cold away with WheatyBags micorwave heat packs.

After a much needed festive break we here at WheatyBags are excited for the months ahead and I hope you are too. The Christmas period was our busiest yet and while it's nice to be finally be able to see my desk again, I hope this year can be just as successful and we are expecting a very busy February.

We have many products to combat the chilly weather, with our hand warmers being especially popular at the moment. The addition of the purple fleece fabric has proved to be an instant hit and I can see why, with it being one of our more vibrant colours. Make sure to take advantage of our two for one deals on the WheatBags small twin pack and keep your hands nice and cosey.

Also there is the original purple twin pack, which has been exteremly popular since its arrival. We have limited stock available for this particular item so make sure to get your orders in now to avoid disappointment.

At WheatyBags we understand that our products are important in helping to ease any aches and pains. For sufferers of athritis or similar conditions our WheatBags Large could be of great help. As shown in the image, the wheat bag can be nicely folded over to warm the hands and perfect for settling down on a chilly evening.

Anyway that's all for now. I wish you all the best for 2012 and thank you for being a part of our success.

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