Blog Posted by dean on 3 Jun. 2011


Childs Favourite Toy Pillow

Made just this week one of our stunning photo pillows including a childs favourite toy. We thought it was so nice we would share it with you.

Anyone can send us their favourite photo and we will press it directly into the fabric and create one of our bespoke photo pillows / photo cushions in our own Lancashire factory.

We use the latest technology to actually dye the fabric with your picture... we don't use transfers nor stick images onto the fabric.  They are truly amazing to see.

So send in your Pillow images today they are maximum A3 in size and, as the photo pillows are all made to order, you can choose the fabric colour that will go on the back of your pillow to ensure that pillow is personally designed by you.

Click [here] for the actual product.

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