Helping to ease Blepharitis

Blog Posted by dean on 1 Jun. 2011

Helping to ease Blepharitis

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You know when you have Blepharitis when your eyes feel sore and itchy along the eyelids. You may also see white flakes (like dandruff) sticking to your eyelashes. Blepharitis is a condition which causes the edges of your eyelid to become red and inflamed. Blepharitis is a common condition. It can affect people of any age, although it's more common in old age.

Here at WheatyBags our Eye Wheat Bags have recently been used by customers and may combat the inflamination of Blepharitis.

There have been many difficulties using detergent, antibiotic, preservative and hot flannel based treatments. They can be frustratingly ineffective and detergents de-stabilise the already weakened tear film by destroying its essential oily layer.

Today, the most significant improvement in treating blepharitis is to clear the waxy blockages in the Meibomian Glands and free the vital oily tear component.

The use of warmth on the eyes may be used as a blepharitis eyelid treatment which is natural, pleasant to use and is performed as a regular routine that may remove the blockages that are the underlying cause of Blepharitis and its related eye conditions.

Clear Prospects Ltd recommends you consult your doctor before using wheat packs for your treatment though we would appreciate any comments you have on the above in order to share the results with new customers.

Please also take a look at the product [click here] where you will see a few of our customer reviews.

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