Talking about trust in business

Blog Posted by miker on 17 May. 2012

Talking about trust in business

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I have to show you this... this is the man who sat across from me and talked about trusting relationships in business when he came to see me to buy wheatybags from us ... 5000 of them worth rather a lot in revenue as you can imagine.  Oh and also the man that called me 3 days before an operation that he knew would take him out of action for months and asking me to send a pallet of the goods we had already made, and that as we’d met obviously I could trust him to have things paid up, though I said no to him and retained title and the goods as I didnt trust something I couldn’t put my finger on other than instinct.

The insolvency report makes interesting reading in that his debts are running at 2130% of profit !  Basically he had absolutely no way of paying me even if morally he wanted to.  He even owes his staff wages it seems at over £20k.

And interesting he has 2 other Ltd companies he owes money to in his own name meaning he could possibly be devious enough to know he can wriggle out of debts when he has other companies he can owe money to if also makes them go bust.

Anyway, thats why I never trust anyone in business that preaches that I trust them...smelling & rats comes to mind !

Click the PDF to read the liquidators report and learn.

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