The environment is affected throughout the supply chain we engage. We work in partnership with all our suppliers, using local business where commercially possible to ensure we can visit our suppliers. We encourage an active participation in their own environment policy and seek the help and guidance we may need on their materials prior to commitment to use with our own products.

We assess each supplier for their own use of an environmental policy, their internal supply chain, and each area convered within our own Corporate Social and Ethical Trading Policy and add to this the requirements directed by our clients and customers.

Among other areas, we discuss the ethical sourcing of labour as well as materials used in production. We do not allow child labour to be employed and ensure where we can that there is no abuse of basic human rights or forced labour. We visit our supplier premises where possible.

We do not agree with testing on animals and where known will not use a supplier who uses such methods in their operation. To date we have not come across the need to use raw materials that have been knowingly tested on animals.