Google Monster - Definitely my freind if watched

Blog Posted by mike on 27 Jan. 2011

Google Monster - Definitely my freind if watched

Any business that relies on their web site being up and online all the time will know all too well the immediate loss of business if the site goes down, no matter how briefly.

My company runs a number of sites that sell the items we manufacture here in Lancashire with examples at and though down time for me can cost me literally hundreds of pounds an hour... not only is it a matter of lost revenue but worst of all is my google ads still keep on running and if an ad click lands on a bad page or missing site, google, of course, still charge me !

If my site goes down, it tells my techy team and they jump, and fast !

As for risk assessments on the matter - no thanks, not for my small business in terms of formal pieces of paper... but in terms of larger organisations, at least having someone responsible for monitoring the site would be the bare minimum that'd be needed and perhaps a few minutes looking for the hidden costs if your site goes down.

Quoted as part of the feature on Lancashire Business View Jan2011

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