Blog Posted by dean on 7 Jun. 2011

The JetRest Inflatable Comfort Pillow

We have just taken in stock the first batch of The JetRest Inflatable Travel Pillows and wanted to share the news with you as it will be priced very competitively for your travelling comfort.

The JetRest Inflatable Comfort Pillow is available now in sky blue and baby pink but more colours are expected in August 2011 including brown and grey.

Inflatable Comfort Pillows are a very popular and well known u-shaped or horse-shoe neck pillow and have been supplied for many years. They are the cheapest comfort pillow in the market and we sell ours with a slightly better neck shape to help support the neck while travelling.

Click [here] to view all our travel pillows, or [here] to go straight to the pillow itself.

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