Blog Posted by dean on 27 Jun. 2011

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MozzyOff featured in Simply Beautiful Magazine

The JetRest is proud to say that one of our products appeared in this weeks issue of 'Simply Beautiful' magazine.

Mozzyoff is a 100% natural mosquito repellent and insect repellent. This gentle mosquito repellent formula will provide up to 6 hours water resistant protection from biting insects and can also soothe the irritation of previous bites.

MozzyOff Mosquito Repellent works in three unique ways:-

  • The Essential Oils interfere with the way the insect locates a person and thereby stops the insect finding you.
  • Some of the Essential Oils are targeted at the insects nervous system to prevent the insect from being physically able to bite you.
  • Other properties in the oils are inherently soothing meaning it will relieve the itch of any previous bites.

Click [here] for the product information and details.

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