WheatyBags marketing week

Blog Posted by mike on 8 Oct. 2010

WheatyBags marketing week

It's now Friday and I think I achieved about half of what I wanted to on the marketing of wheatybags heat packs and thejetrest travel accessories sites.  Am I wrong to think though that "half" was probably the only thing achievable compared to my great ideas and that this half wasnt a bad effort considering I managed to handle my normal workload.  on WheatyBags alone:-

  • Created new logo identity for Wheatybags and added a subtle Christmas theme.
  • Loaded 7 top sellers from our other sites to the WheatyBags Heat Packs site.
  • Created and loaded 9 multi-buys to the site.
  • Sent a news email to the Wheatybags customer base launching the new offers.
  • Sent a news email to The JetRest database and also my entire trade database introducing them to the WheatyBags web site.

Doesnt sound like much really but considering my day-job to run the business, handle the trade enquiries, process the public orders and so on I dont think I'll be beating myself up.

Can't wait for Monday morning and see if the marketing made a difference.

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