Do sexy images encourage or annoy you ?

Blog Posted by mike on 14 Feb. 2011

Do sexy images encourage or annoy you ?

This month I have a raft of new products to launch on and one of my suppliers has sent me lots of great images, many involving rather sexy women displaying the products.

This got me thinking; would you my customers be offended or be encouraged to buy our products if we used these images.

I think of myself as "Mr Average" when it comes to sexy ladies and the use of sex in advertising, and so personally I dont mind the images being on my site but I am not important here.  They are very well shot images and there are plenty more I could load but have a look at the Inflatable Travel Pillow section of my site [here] and have a look at the photos.

I chose the classic shot of a lady sleeping with the pillow to lead the product but click into the product itself and there's another lady also demonstrating the pillow standing up !  Not exactly the most handy place to use a travel pillow but you will see what I mean when you see the shots.

I'd love to hear from you if you have any thoughts.... please just click the Contact Us tab at the top of the web site and let me know.  Your thoughts are important to me.

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