Blog Posted by miker on 23 Sep. 2010

Cuddly Toy Heat Packs now in stock
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I'm not trying to send you away from but I do want you to know that we launched one of our new web sites a few weeks ago at

The specialist pain relief heat packs are going great but most exciting is that the new cuddly toy heat pack stock just arrived. If you are interested in looking at the stock for Christmas Gifts (I know it sounds so early) then please do go to the site.

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Blog Posted by miker on 10 Sep. 2010 pain relief now live

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Last week we launched and the site has been collecting orders from day 1. We have been testing the heat packs that we manufacture on our travel accessory site hidden away but advertised on google all the same and conversions were ok.

Now we have our specialist site live and focusing on the pain relief aspects of heat packs, conversions have been much improved and customers are loving the products.

Soon to come will be the cuddly toy versions which we will stock and promote in the run up to Christmas.

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Blog Posted by miker on 20 Aug. 2010

Another new web site live at and this time as good as from scratch, loads of new product images created and all live and online in 5 days.

My super ecommerce system is at its best and emailed to almost 10,000 trade client names from over the years.

Can't wait for the stats on Monday then more of the same all next week before a long and very much looked forward to weekend away at a friends wedding.

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Blog Posted by miker on 5 Aug. 2010

Ben Fogle - The JetRest is the future of travel pillows

Ben Fogle was interviewed for's video channel this week and talks about him packing all his essentials like Marmite and his sat tracker but since he had The JetRest a couple of years ago, he just keeps on mentioning it and says  "I can sleep for about 15 hours on a flight."

Have a look at Bens video here as it won't be online for long :

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Blog Posted by miker on 26 Jul. 2010 goes live

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Great weekend with my Uncle as we launched as our latest venture.

Derek has rebuilt e-type jaguars all his life as a hobby so we created a new web site so he can showcase his work and also we can sell e-type jaguar spares and parts online.  He has hundreds of parts collected over the years and all will be going online soon though this is a great example and showcase of how I can now enter JV's with anyone to create online shops all run from my warehouse at Clear Prospects.

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Blog Posted by miker on 16 Jul. 2010

More on

It takes so long to load new products onto web shop and I have literally hundreds of new items to get listed.

Quite exciting really as managed to load plenty of gadgets and fun items and finished a new section called "Essentials" which are small pack sizes of essential travel accessories such as paracetamol, pro-plus, imodium and even toilet seat covers ! 

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Blog Posted by miker on 9 Jul. 2010

Travel Accessory Essentials

Busy week in my world of Clear Prospects.  Created 750 promotional pillows for a T-Mobile TV ad being filmed this weekend in Trafalgar Square so watch out for pink pillows on the TV as you now know where they were made ! 

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Blog Posted by miker on 17 Jun. 2010

How many companies involved in the simplest business transaction ?

Take 1 order from a good client, receive 450 chinese packed shower curtains, cut in half and deliver eventually to a university the 900 newly created items.

How many and light bulbs come to mind but think of the people involved in this very simple business transaction ?

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Blog Posted by miker on 7 Jun. 2010

New web site live for

Everyone asked me what  I do in business and my message is always different depending on who I am talking to; a member of the public would be told of as one of my public web sites where we sell travel accessories, or a business colleague may be told about the factory I have and the promotional merchandise we make under the name British Made Promotional Merchandise.

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